Treatment of Shape Disorders

I indicated in detail in my article entitled “Shape Disorders” that the cosmetic problems such as thinness, shortness and curvature of the penis effect the sexual life, they have psychologically negative results, and their treatment is also possible.

The influence of penile deformities on partners, which decreases men’s self-esteem and create performance anxiety should not also be ignored. Deformities, which may lead to negative consequences such as painful sexual intercourse or sexual dissatisfaction can damage the private relationship between couples in the long run. For this reason, men who have sexual problems due to the shape of their penis should consider the treatment option both for themselves and their partners without losing time.

Penis Enlargement Surgeries


Micropenis Treatment – Penis Lengthening Surgery

If the man and his partner don’t have satisfaction during the sexual intercourse due to penis size and if the penis size is below the ideal size according to the evaluation made by the andrologist, penis lengthening surgery can be applied. The most commonly used method for penis lengthening; (suspension ligament) is cutting the suspensory ligament that connects the penis to the abdominal wall. By cutting this bond, the part which is normally an extension of the penis but that can’t be seen due to the ligament becomes functional. The lengthening becomes apparent both when there is penile erection and when there is not. At this point, I’d like to remind the people who thinks about getting the penile lengthening treatment to have realistic expectations. After the operation, a lengthening of max. 3 – 4 cm can be achieved in the length of erect penis. Having a sexual intercourse is not allowed at least for one month after the operation. The instructions of the doctors must be followed in order to realize the healing of the tissue smoothly. The results of penis lengthening surgery are permanent; the only factor that will shorten the length of the penis again is the shortening of the tubes inside the penis due to increased age. But this is not only a situation special to men who had penis lengthening surgery.


Penile Thinness Treatment – Penile Girth Enhancement

Penile thinness can be defined as a problem that prevents both men and women from having sexual satisfaction during sexual intercourse. Because if the penis girth is narrower than the ideal size, this prevents the penis from filling the vaginal space completely or almost completely during the intercourse. During the penile girth enhancement which is a surgical method, subcutaneous fat is removed from the anterior abdominal wall, the removed fat is processed before being injected into the penis, and then it is injected under the penile skin.

The penile girth enhancement surgery is not permanent for a lifetime. The fat tissue injected under the penile skin can’t be immobilized and even if it changes from person to person, it is absorbed by the body averagely in 1 year and the penis returns to its original state. For this reason, the expectations of patients must be realistic. The operation can be repeated if required during the sexually active periods of the person, but it is recommended that the time between two injections is not less than six months.

Treatment of Penile Curvature


If the penile curvature that may occur in the penis from birth or due to the increased age gives pain to the partner or the person himself during sexual intercourse; if the penis form decreases the self-confidence creating discomfort in the person, or if the penis is bent in such away that prevents sexual intercourse, surgical methods must be used.

The penis curvature is treated by surgical methods, but the treatment method to be applied varies whether the penile curvature is present due to anomalies in the tube structure or due to the plaque formation on the sheaths around the tubes depending on the Peyronie’s disease.

Congenital Penile Curvature Treatment (Penile Plication)


Surgical treatment of congenital penile curvature is performed in order to correct the curvature of the tubes that help the erection and give the penis a proper shape. In this surgical method, corrective suturing is performed the opposite way around where the curvature in the tube wall is most intense. The operation must be performed very precisely, the vessels and nerves on the tube must be separated from the tube during the operation. For the success of the surgery, this procedure should be performed by andrology surgeons who have microscopic surgical experience and full knowledge of the penis anatomy. Corrective suturing without separating the veins and nerves from the tube wall during the operation may cause temporary or permanent sexual dysfunctions in men.

I suggest the people who have a congenital penile curvature to undergo an operation without losing time. Otherwise, the inconveniences caused by cosmetic reasons may affect the patient psychologically and they may cause negativities which lead to erectile dysfunction.

Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease (Penile Curvature Treatment Increased Age)


The penis curvature may also occur due to plaque formation of the sheaths around the tubes with increased age. The solution to this problem, defined as Peyronie’s disease, is surgery. If Peyronie’s disease is not treated, it may continue to progress and increase the angle of the penis curvature in such a way that prevents the sexual intercourse. Therefore, if penis curvature is observed, it is necessary to consult the doctors. In the treatment of penile curvatures caused by Peyronie’s disease, the plaques in the sheaths that surround the tubes are completely removed. Instead of the removed plaque sheath tissue, the graft material (graft) with similar physical properties is sutured. The operation should be performed by expert and experienced surgeons of andrology as is the case with penis operations in general.