Treatment of Premature Ejaculation

I have mentioned in my previous article that “Premature Ejaculation” is the most frequently seen male sexual dysfunction in the world. This problem, curable if treated, doesn’t have a surgical treatment. Within the scope of the treatment, medical support is given to a large extent to the men who have problems in their sexual lives due to premature ejaculation.

When the causes for premature ejaculation are taken into consideration; follow-up treatment can be performed by asking the patient to change his lifestyle according to how much this sexual dysfunction affects the sexual life. If the changes in the life style of the patient; in other words, healthy nutrition, exercising, staying away from stress, giving up cigarettes and alcohol do not eliminate the premature ejaculation then medical treatment is applied.

It’s necessary not to forget that follow-up and medical treatments support each other. If the psychological factors that we detailed in our article entitled “Premature Ejaculation” are not present in the principle of Premature Ejaculation, follow-up and medical treatments may cure the premature ejaculation majorly. However, it will not be right to say that there is a definitive treatment of this male sexual dysfunction. I would like to remind you that even though the treatment is not precise, the treatment results may differ in line with the person’s age, general health status, lifestyle and psychological factors behind the premature ejaculation.

Follow-up Treatment


In the follow-up treatment of premature ejaculation, the patient doesn’t get medical treatment. It is requested to eliminate the factors that are consequences of a lifestyle causing premature ejaculation such as overweight, stressful life, inadequate nutrition, smoking and use of alcohol. The patient may overcome premature ejaculation by doing sports, eating healthy, giving up smoking and alcohol. However, it may also be necessary to get psychological support at this stage. It’s necessary not to forget that the purpose of the treatments to be applied can’t be reached exactly without eliminating the psychological factors causing premature ejaculation. It may be suggested to both men and their partners to get support during the follow-up treatment. Thus, it is aimed to strengthen the bond between the couples by reducing the adverse effects of premature ejaculation on their sexual and private lives.

Medical Treatment


Medical treatment is applied to the male patients who can’t eliminate the problem of premature ejaculation, even though he changes his lifestyle and gets psychological support. The duration of medical treatment is determined by specialists. They can prepare medication doses in line with the feedback received from their patients.

In the medical treatment of premature ejaculation; it is aimed to suppress the “sympathetic system” that causes the ejaculation. By using the drugs that suppress the sympathetic system, the premature ejaculation can be prevented and the negative consequences of this problem on couples can also be decreased. The most commonly used drugs for this purpose are “Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor” (SSRI) drugs. However, the insufficiency of the treatment capacity of these drugs and the necessity of their continuous use have led to the development of a new active substance known as “dapoxetine”. Drugs containing dapoxetine prolong the ejaculation period in order to allow the partners to have sexual satisfaction if they are taken 3 hours before the sexual intercourse.

Besides oral medications, local anesthetic creams can also be prescribed by the doctors. Before sexual intercourse these drugs in the form of gels, creams and sprays decrease the sensitivity of the penis and therefore the duration of ejaculation increases.

The antidepressants prescribed for the patients getting psychological support can also be prescribed for the treatment of premature ejaculation. However, the medication to be used for the treatment must be definitely taken under the supervision and knowledge of the doctor.