Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction, commonly known as “impotence” among the public and observed increasingly more often in men over the age of 40, is a treatable sexual dysfunction. This health problem, which may cause long term problems between the couples by affecting both the men and his partner negatively, should not be ignored and andrology specialists should be consulted without delay.

The treatment of erectile dysfunction includes penile injection, shock wave therapy (ESWT) and the surgery of penile prosthesis, as well as the psychological support and medical treatments. A clear determination of the presence of erectile dysfunction will increase the success of the treatment process.

Sertleşme Problemlerinin Tedavisi

Diagnostic Methods Used in the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction


Before proceeding to the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to carefully perform this step which will determine the factor or factors that cause erection and will help to choose the treatment method. As I stated in the article entitled “Erectile Dysfunction”, physical and psychological factors, may cause singly and jointly the erectile dysfunction.

If the erectile dysfunction is based on the psychological factors, it is suggested to get definitely psychological support and even to go to the therapy together with the partner.

If the problems that cause the erection are physical, medical treatment alternatives can be applied.

Some simple but effective examination methods are used during the diagnostics of erectile dysfunction.

Penile Color Doppler Ultrasonography: The penile color doppler USG, which is performed in order to learn if blood flow is allowed into the tubes inside the penis and to measure the flow of the arterial system that reaches the penis and the venous system which plays an active role in erection, definitely ensures the determination of the vascular problems that may prevent the erection. The vascular factors causing the erectile dysfunction are identified after this diagnostic method, which requires the injection of a medication named as Papaverin that enlarges the veins and which requires the registration of the results by monitoring them in the following one hour.

Hormone Tests: The balanced hormones have a critical importance for human health.
It’s necessary to perform the blood tests in order to diagnose the hormonal imbalance that is shown among the causes of erectile dysfunction. If a problem is detected in the blood values regarding the hormones​​, a treatment is performed in order to eliminate the hormonal imbalance.

Methods Used in the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

I’d like to proceed to the treatment processes, by reminding that it’s necessary to eliminate the psychological factors that cause erectile dysfunction by getting support.

Medical Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction


Actually we are familiar with the medical treatment of erectile dysfunction as a society. We all know that the erectile dysfunction can be treated by the affect of the medication which is put on the market as “Blue Pill”. The main function of the active substance of this pill is to ensure the enlargement of the blood vessels in the penis and the filling of blood in the tubes. However, due to the contents of the medicine, not only the penis vessels, but all the veins in the body can be enlarged. As a result of this, blood pressure may increase, chilblains may come out in the body, and even heart attack cases may be encountered.

Nowadays, use of the drugs containing the active substance of “Tadalafil” has become widespread for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The most important feature of the active substance of tadalafil is to target and expand the blood vessels inside the penis directly. Thus, some side effects of drugs used to eliminate the erectile dysfunction may not be seen after the use of these drugs. These medications that are used 2 hours before the sexual intercourse will ensure the ideal erection of the penis in order to give sexual satisfaction to the partners.

It has been observed that the erectile dysfunction can be permanently treated by the continuous oral use of the medicines in low doses for medical treatment of the erectile dysfunction! For this reason, if you have erectile dysfunction, I recommend you to consult the andrology specialists for treatment alternatives as soon as possible. In this way, you can have a healthier sex life with your partner and you won’t be exposed to adverse effects psychologically due to performance concerns.

Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)


In this method which is consulted in case of the diagnosis of a problem in penile vessels as a result of the penile color doppler USG method used in diagnosis of erectile dysfunction, it is aimed to stimulate the vessels inside the penis by applying sound waves to penis. The blood flow can be accelerated and new vascular can be formed in the tissues by the shock wave therapy. Thus, it will be possible to fill the tubes that play the main role in erection with blood and the erection will be possible. Also the scientific research results support these inferences. As result of the scientific studies, it has been shown that the stem cells in the penis can trigger the formation of new vessels after shock wave therapy. In this method applied without anesthesia, men can immediately go back to their daily lives. In order to have successful results, the shock wave therapy may require 6-8 sessions and the number of sessions may differ from person to person.

I can say that one of the most effective methods in the treatment of erectile dysfunction is shock wave therapy considering that there are no surgeries. When the penile color doppler USG results are received and the problems to be treated with shock wave therapy are detected or when there are patients who don’t want to get the medication treatment, it can be proceeded to the shock wave sessions directly by skipping the medical treatment. I want to remind once again the importance of diagnostic methods in order not to extend the duration of treatment and in order to prevent men from having any psychological uncertainties.

In the treatment of erectile dysfunction, there are also different treatment methods used besides the medical and shock wave method such as vacuum device, penile injection and placement of medication in the urinary tract. However, nowadays, these methods are not widely used due to their difficulties in use and their inability to create the expected effect positively.

Penile Prosthesis in the Erectile Dysfunction (Joy Stick)


Penile prosthesis known as the “joy stick”; is a surgical and permanent treatment method that can solve the erectile dysfunction of men who can’t get results with medical and shock wave treatments with a success rate of 90% and a high satisfaction rate. The men who have the penile prosthesis and their sexual partners may have a satisfactory sexual intercourse after this treatment.

What is Penile Prosthesis?
Penile prosthesis consisting of two silicon cylinders placed in the penis, can improve the sexual life of the patients whose vascular and nerve endings have been damaged permanently due to diabetes, whose vascular structure has been deteriorated due to high blood pressure and whose sexual functionalities have been damaged due to surgical operations in the past.

Contrary to the general opinion, penile prosthesis doesn’t affect sexual functions such as ejaculation and orgasm or urination mechanism. The presence of the alternatives such as flexible, semi-rigid and inflatable prosthesis allows the patients to make a choice. At first, the patients who decide to have a penis prosthesis are examined in detail and this operation is performed as a last resort. The type of the prosthesis to be suggested to the patient will be determined after examining the factors such as the age of the patient, the size of the penis, the placement of penile implant in the past, general health status, and body structure. If the patient has the proper characteristics for all types of prosthesis, he will make his own choice.

Flexible Penile Prosthesis; The flexible penile prosthesis made of silicone is placed into the tubes inside the penis. The size of the penis doesn’t shorten, but the penis can be bent due to the structure of these prosthesis and can easily be covered in underwear. The most important advantage of this type of prosthesis, which doesn’t give any harm to the patient is its ease of use. After the introduction of inflatable penile prosthesis, the usage rate of the flexible penile prosthesis has decreased considerably. However, it’s necessary not to forget that it is also used today by patients who have difficulty in using the pump.

Inflatable Penile Prosthesis; New generation inflatable penile prosthesis consisting of cylinders placed in the penis, one pump hidden behind the testicles and one reservoir placed in the abdomen is known as a method that increases the comfort of patients and provides a definitive solution to erectile dysfunction. This type of prosthesis, which makes the erection possibile by pressing the pump just before the sexual intercourse, leaves the control of the intercourse duration to the man. Sexual intercourse can be continued unless the pump is pushed again and the fluid in the cylinder is drained.