Shape Disorders

Some natal anomalies or some anomalies depending on increased age may develop in the shape of the penis. The problems such as micropenis, penile thinness and penile curvature are among the penis cosmetic problems that affect the sexual life as well as they increase the aesthetic concerns.

As I have just mentioned, the deformities in the penis do not just cause aesthetic concerns. Deformities may cause sexual problems as a result of dissatisfaction of the partners during sexual intercourse, pain experienced by both parts during sexual intercourse; can be no longer a problem if they are noticed and resolved.

Considering that shape disorders cause lack of self-confidence in men and increase sexual performance anxiety, we can deduce that the deformity problems may lead to more radical consequences. I will discuss this topic in more detail shortly, but, first of all I’d like to come up with an explanation about the deformities in particular.

Penile Shortness


Penis size can be considered as a situation that varies from person to person and musn’t be emphasized if the sexual relationship results satisfactory for both sides. The penis size is considered ideal if it doesn’t cause urination problems and if it has the functions of having sex and satisfying the partner.

The penis is stretched and the values obtained with the measurement from root to tip are used in order to evaluate the shortness of the penis. The penises that have a length of 9.3 cm or less are classified as small penis (micropenis) when the ideal penis length is assumed to be 13 cm for men over 16 years of age.

Micropenis can be extended by surgery. The results obtained are permanent; but shortening of the penis may occur because of increased age due to the shortening of the tube which allows the erection. I’d like to express that this situation is not special to men who had a penis lengthening surgery. For further information about penis lengthening surgery, you can review our article entitled “Treatment of Penis Cosmetic Problems”.

Penile Thinness


Penile Thinness that takes part among the penis cosmetic problems is a problem that directly affects the sexual satisfaction. It is difficult for men to satisfy their partners who have the problem of penile thinness and even to be satisfied, the contact of the penis with the vaginal walls during sexual intercourse will allow both people to have sexual satisfaction. If the penis is thinner than the ideal size, it will prevent mutual satisfaction.

The penis circumference should be at least 10 cm in order to have sexual satisfaction and not to affect psychologically the men in a negative way because of their penis sizes. If the penis diameter is narrower, this problem can be solved by surgical methods. However, it’s necessary to remember that due to the technique applied during the surgery, there is a possibility that the surgery needs to be repeated more than once at certain intervals. For further information about penis thickening, you can read our article entitled “Treatment of Penis Cosmetic Problems”.

Penis Curvature


Penis curvature may be a congenital problem or it may occur with increased age. While the cause of the natal penis curvature is the difference occurred during the development of the tubes that allow the erection, the cause of the penis curvature that takes place at an increased age is Peyroni’s Disease, also known as the “King’s Disease”, which causes the loss of functioning as a result of the plaques on the capsules surrounding the tubes.

  • Congenital Penis Curvature: The congenital penis curvature, which can be noticed in adolescence in general, may show itself starting from a young age. Due to the fact that the tubes in the penis develop at different speeds or that they don’t have a flat structure, a curvature occurs in the shape of penis. This problem may become more evident in the further period, it may prevent the sexual intercourse and it may lead to sexual problems and psychological traumas. The penis curvature, which is a condition that gives pain to the partner during sexual intercourse, must be treated as soon as it is recognized. In this sense, I’d like to emphasize that parents should be careful and follow their children’s physical development closely.


  • Penis Curvature That Occurs Due to Increased Age: Penile curvature, which may occur due to the failure to recognize the congenital penis curvature or the plaques on the skin surrounding the tubes (Peyroni’s Disease) because of increased age, also brings the sexual problems with it. The treatment of penis curvatures at an increased age as soon as the diagnosis is made also stimulates the sexual life of both the person and his partner, and increases the quality of their life.

The Peyronie’s Disease


There are capsule sheaths with elastic structures that can stretch around the tubes inside the penis. Hard plaques are formed in these sheaths together with the effects of the risk factors such as increased age; cigarette smoking, diabetes, surgical interventions in the urinary tracts. Since the plaque formation is not equal; the part where the plaque formation is present loses its ability to stretch unilaterally. In these areas where calcification is intense, penis curvature occurs, and when the penis is touched these plaques can be felt. The only treatment of the Peyronie’s disease of the patient that has reached to a stage of plaque formation is surgery. For the treatment of penis curvature, you can read our article entitled “Treatment Shape Disorders”.

Importance of Shape Disorders’ Treatment


Shape Disorders in the penis may cause dissatisfaction, ache and pain during sexual intercourse. If there are cosmetic problems and especially a progress of the curvature, it is not physically possible for men to have sexual intercourse. Beyond all this, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction may also occur due to the increase of psychological pressure and men’s performance anxiety in the long term. Therefore, treating cosmetic problems should be considered as a necessity more than a choice for the happiness of both man and his partner. You can find further details about the treatment of deformities in our article entitled “Treatment of Shape Disorders”.