Patient / Client Feedback

  • ce….. ( February 18, 2019 )
    Operation: Benign prostatic hyperplasia and bladder stone
    Dr Evren ISIK performed TUR-prostatectomy and endoscopic bladder stone surgery at the same time and extremely successfully. He pulled out 48 stones from my bladder. I’d like to thank him sincerely. I recognized him as a highly competent and respected person in the field of urology. Beyond his superior medical talents, he is one who gives utmost confidence with his professional ethics and warm personality. Now we have a family doctor which is name Evren ISIK.
  • al… ( February 18, 2019 )
    Operation: Hydrocele operation
    When I read the good reviews about Dr Evren ISIK on the internet, I went to Izmir from Russia to be examined. Dr Evren ISIK performed the hydrocele surgery. I’m in good health right now. Dr Evren ISIK is a highly positive and professional doctor. I was very happy with the relevance of my doctor to me before and after the operation. That is why I recommend Dr Evren ISIK to everyone.
  • mu…. ( February 18, 2019 )
    Operation: Microsurgical varicocelectomy
    I have reached Dr Evren ISIK to confirm my varicocele disease diagnosed by another doctor, to get answers to my questions and to learn the necessary treatment. After many investigations, he decided on microsurgical varicocele surgery. You can see that he is making a lot of effort for you with its point of view of the diseases, the smiling face and talkative attitude towards his patients. He underwent microsurgical varicocelectomy on February 04, 2019. I didn’t have any pain after surgery. I didn’t even use a painkiller. I thank him and his team very much.
  • em….. ( February 13, 2019 )
    Operation: Microsurgical Varicocelectomy
    Due to some problems I have been experiencing for some time, I started to research androlog. Two different doctors had examined me before, but I was not very pleased with them. Finally, I reached Dr Evren ISIK for my treatment. I realized that Dr Evren ISIK had many good features. His adequate information about treatment of the disease, his smile towards me and his answering my questions made me feel very relieved before the treatment. After a few examinations I made an appointment for surgery. On January 28, 2019, he performed my varicocele operation. Now I’m healthy. Thank you very much to Dr Evren ISIK and his team for everything.
  • ce…..n ( February 13, 2019 )
    Operation: Varicocele and hydrocele
    I have reached Dr Evren ISIK with the advice of a my friend for my problems that lasted about two years. I’ve talked to four different doctors before. They told me that hydrocele and varicocele surgery could not be done at the same time. Dr Evren ISIK said that two different operations could be done at the same time and I could return to my normal life more quickly. I’ve never seen another doctor so knowledgeable, patient-oriented and answering my questions without getting bored. Dr Evren ISIK is a doctor who treats patients as human beings without seeing them as a commercial object. He has a respectable feature like an improving and a learning. Thank you very much for everything.
  • g….. ( February 5, 2019 )
    Greetings to all, I’ve had varicocele surgery years ago, but then the left testicle also formed Hydrocele…I came to Turkey to be operated from Colombia. As a result of long research, I met the Op. Dr. Enver ISIK.He’s a knowledgeable, smiling, pleasant person.
    I met him, we decided to operate the Hydrocele. He explained to me very well before and after the surgery.Firstly, to Mr. Op. Dr. Evren, and he’s Assistant Ms, Nilay, thank you very much for their help.The surgery was very successful, I didn’t feel any pain or etc.I’m glad it’s back to my old health.I highly recommend it to everyone.You can rely on him and his team.Op. Dr. Evren ISIK He’s the best urologist I’ve ever known…

    Saludos a todos, yo tuve una cirugía de varicocele hace varios años, luego de ella mi testiculo izquierdo también formó Hidrocele…
    Vine a Turquía para ser operado desde Colombia. Como resultado de una larga búsqueda, encontré al Dr. Enver ISIK. El es una persona con conocimiento, sonrriente y agradable. Me reuní con el, nosotros decidimos hacer la operación de Hidrocele. el me explicó todo muy bien antes y después de la cirugía.
    En primer lugar quiero agradecer por su ayuda al Dr. Evren y a su asistente Señorita Nilay.La cirugía fue muy exitosa., no sentí ningun dolor.
    Yo estoy muy feliz de que haya regresado mi salud. Usted puede confiar en el y su equipo.
    El Dr. Evren ISIK es el mejor urologo que he conocido.

    Gunes Gurgoz

  • ar….r ( April 10, 2019 )
    Operation: Microsurgical Varicocelectomy
    I found Dr Evren ISIK as a result of my research. I’m glad I found it. Both pre-operative and post-operative interest and relevance should be appreciated. I would like to thank Dr Evren ISIK, who has done its job well within the framework of respect and love. I wish success in his academic life.
  • vo…. ( March 21, 2019 )
    Operation: Varicocele disease
    Dr. Evren ISIK performed an operation to me because of my varicocele. I learned a lot of information about the varicocele disease provided by Dr Evren ISIK during the treatment period. My operation was very successful. It was like I didn’t have any surgery after a short time. I thank Dr. Evren ISIK.
  • eb…5 ( March 14, 2019 )
    Operation: Microsurgery Varicocele Operation
    I have learned that I have varicocele as a result of recent investigations. I had the chance to meet Dr Evren ISIK with the help of a friend. I went to many doctors until today, but believe me, I’ve never met a doctor so interested in me. I learned all the details about my varicocele disease and Dr Evren ISIK performed microsurgical varicocelectomy operation. My surgery was also very successful. There was no pain after the surgery. I thank Dr. Evren ISIK for everything.
  • N….. ( March 14, 2019 )
    Operation: Microsurgery Varicocele Operation
    I’ve been married for 2,5 years. I wanted to have children, but it was not during this time and I decided to have an examination with my wife. We met Dr Evren ISIK with the support of our researches and friends. He found that I had varicocele disease as a result of the examination. Dr Evren ISIK informed us about the varicocele disease for 30 minutes and should take immediate action on this issue. After that, he gave me the operation day. From the date of the examination to the post-surgery, it seemed as if we had been acquainted with it before. I was very pleased with this situation. I would like to thank Dr Evren ISIK’s assistant Nilay and the professional team involved in my surgery. Now we’re very hopeful to have children, thanks to Dr Evren ISIK. I would recommend Dr Evren ISIK to anyone. He really is a very successful doctor in the field of andrology. Assistant Nilay and his entire team were also friendly. Thanks again to all of them.
  • ka….i ( March 13, 2019 )
    Operation: Microsurgery Varicocele Operation
    I’ve known Dr Evren ISIK while reading good reviews about him. I feel lucky to have reached him. He is a very good doctor who I can strongly recommend to every patient who sees his comments. He is currently the best urologist in Izmir. I saw intimacy and interest. In particular, he had a very enlightening speech. On 22 February 2019, I had microsurgical varicocele operation without any question mark on my mind. I stood up without any painkillers even after the surgery. Dr Evren ISIK’s interest in the preoperative and postoperative period was very good. He’s a doctor you can reach all the time. I would also like to thank Dr Evren ISIK’s assistant Nilay.
  • me…h ( March 6, 2019 )
    Operation: Venous insufficiency problem of penis.
    I went to many doctors for many years because of venous insufficiency problem of my penis. I didn’t get a clear answer regarding treatment from any doctor. One day I was doing research on the internet and I saw Dr Evren ISIK suddenly. I had the opportunity to meet him after the appointment. His professional knowledge, his views on the treatment of venous insufficiency and his clear statements impressed me. His attitude towards me was very good before and after the surgery. He is a very positive and a very successful surgeon. I would like to thank Dr Evren ISIK and his assistant Nilay.
  • eg…. ( February 27, 2019 )
    Operation: Microsurgery Varicocele Operation
    On February 6, 2019, Dr Evren ISIK performed microsurgical varicocelectomy. His interest, the information he did about the varicocele disease and his love for the medical profession changed my negative thoughts about the surgery in the best way. If you have such a health problem you can apply to him without thinking. Dr Evren ISIK is the best urologist in Izmir. I thank him again.
  • ab…. ( February 27, 2019 )
    Operation: Varicocele Disease
    In the autumn of 2018, when I went to Dr Evren ISIK for examination, I learned that I had varicocele disease. Dr. Evren ISIK warned me about the treatment of varicocele, but I could not start my treatment due to my school. Then, when I went back to the examination, I saw that my sperm values ​​decreased significantly and I wanted to be operated immediately. The operation process, the comfort of the hospital, Dr. Evren ISIK’s interest, sincerity and smiling face were a very nice experience. Thank you for everything Dr. Evren ISIK. I wish you continued success.
  • h….. ( February 27, 2019 )
    Operation: Infectious disease
    Dr. Evren ISIK is not only a respectable person, but also one of the most relevant, most revealing and most solution-oriented among the doctors I have been examined. Although my disease was less risky and harmless than other diseases, he was very helpful to me from the beginning to the end of my illness. I can recommend Dr. Evren ISIK with complacency to all those who read the comments on this website.
  • su…. ( February 24, 2019 )
    Operation: Infertility
    In 2015, I decided to have a child with my wife. I went to a urologist and learned that I have a varicocele disease. The doctor said the disease never stopped us for the having children. After that, two inoculations and one negative tube baby experiment made us very sad. As a result of my long research, I read the positive comments about Dr Evren ISIK. The day I went to Dr Evren ISIK became the turning point of my life. He told us about the treatment process for 45 min and I decided to have an operation because of my varicocele disease without any question mark in my mind. Than, Dr Evren ISIK performed microsurgical varicocelectomy operation. Now I’m in the healing process. Dr Evren ISIK is a specialist who values ​​his patients. Now we hope to have a baby. I would like everyone who has experienced these processes like us to meet Dr Evren ISIK. Hoping to share the good news in the coming days.
  • sa…. ( February 20, 2019 )
    Operation: Varicocele and hydrocele
    Two years ago, another urologist performed the bilaterale varicocele operation but varicocele was relapsed on the left postoperatively. Hydrocele occurred on the right side. After consulting with various doctors, I found Dr Evren ISIK and went to the hospital where he examined the his patients. He showed interest and told what to do in a sincere manner. I decided to have an operation with the information he gave and the confidence he created. After the microsurgical varicocele operation, I was relieved of my pain in a very short time. I thank him and his team very much. Dr Evren ISIK is a highly successfull and relevant doctor who is friendly to his patients. He is also one of the rare doctors who do not think commercially about his patients and only plans for their health. I wish success to Dr. Evren ISIK.